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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Anticipated Albums in 2011

2010 is over and it is time to take a look at another year of music. This list is my top ten anticipated projects for 2011.

10. Decyfer Down

Early in 2010, the band announced that they were beginning to write new songs. And in Fall of 2010, the band posted numerous videos of them in the studio. There is no official word on how the album will sound musically or vocally. But if the few short clips on their youtube video is any indication, this album will most likely be harder and faster than their previous works. I also think this album will be a great measuring stick for lead singer TJ Harris. On their last album, Crash, Harris was rushed in as lead vocalist after Caleb Oliver surprisingly left the band. This could be an album that rocks musically, as well as a breakthrough album for vocalist TJ Harris.

9. Falling Up

In January 2010, Falling Up announced that they were taking a permanent break from music. I was devastated by this news. I have followed Falling Up’s career, and loved every album that they have released. But, all hope was not lost. In October 2010, just nine months after their breakup, the band announced that they were returning to music and entering the studio in early 2011. Right before the band announced their breakup, they were released from their record label Tooth and Nail Records/BEC Recordings. This new album will be strictly independent. They have also asked their fans to help fund this album. Due to an outpouring of love and generosity from their fans, Falling Up has already passed their goal of $10,000. The band promises that this album will be a fusion of sounds from their albums Crashings and Fangs.

8. Owl City

Coming in at number 8 is Owl City. I personally loved Adam Young’s debut album Ocean Eyes. From songs like Fireflies to The Saltwater Room, this album took me on a really fun ride. Owl City first went into the studio in early spring 2010, and planned to have a release date in December 2010. No word on why the album has been pushed back, but hopefully it will be released soon. Young also promised that this album should stick pretty close to Ocean Eyes musically; he promises that he is not changing his sound any time soon. Another good reason to look forward to this album, Matt Thiessen of Relient K was a collaborator.

7. Spoken

In 2008, Spoken was released from Tooth and Nail records. Spoken was subsequently picked up by the smaller label Alien Patrol. They have not released a new album since 2007, but a new independent record has been rumored for a couple of years. But, now the rumors are finally over. Late in 2010, the band announced that they were working on new music, and released a brand new song called Dagger. You can check out the single on Itunes. Listening to the new song, Spoken has never sounded better. There is no official word on any more new music or a release date, but I will be eagerly awaiting new music in 2011 from these guys.

6. Run Kid Run

Run Kid Run entered the studio in Fall 2010 to work on their third album. This punk rock group is definitely going for the home run ball on this one. This album will be produced by Matt Thiessen of Relient K and famed producer Mark Townsend. Aaron Gillespie has also stepped in to do some guest vocals. The band has promised to also add some new sounds to their music. Vocalist David Curtis promised that you will hear bells, tuba, and strings. Tooth and Nail Records founder Brandon Ebel said, “The new Run Kid Run record is going to blow minds.”

5. Aaron Gillespie

No one was more shocked or saddened by the news last year that Aaron Gillespie was leaving Underoath than me. Many thought that he would make The Almost his full time band, but few imagined him releasing a solo album as well. Coming on March 8, 2011, Gillespie will be releasing a worship album entitled Anthem Song. Aaron Gillespie has been a part of a number of worship songs in the past with Underoath and The Almost. Songs like Some Seek Forgiveness Others Escape, Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear, Amazing Because It Is, and Hands have all featured Gillespie’s unique take on worship music. “I love that God wants us to know Him, that we were put here as missional people to serve God and point others to Him,” said Gillespie. You can hear the first single on the record, We Were Made For You, on Gillespie’s official facebook page.

4. Red

Red has been rocking the masses since their debut album in 2006. They have dominated Christian radio for the past four years in that they have nine consecutive number one hits. Red promises to push their rock sound to the next level on this album. Lead singer Michael Barnes promises that this album will be, “a combination of our first two records, but on steroids.” This is also the first album featuring new drummer Joe Rickard, formerly of the Wedding. The album, Until We Have Faces, will be released on February 1, 2011.

3. Hawk Nelson

Coming in at number three is Hawk Nelson. Hawk Nelson is preparing to release their fifth album in seven years entitled Crazy Love on February 8, 2011. The band has already released two songs, Crazy Love and Skeletons. If these songs are any indication of the album, Crazy Love will be much different than their past works. “Part of this truth talk is us growing older and wanting to sing about what's real to us,” states bassist Daniel Biro. “The truth topics make Crazy Love the most different from past records; we are definitely more overt about faith this time. We're not scared about the truth in our lives, and it's satisfying to be real like that.” Fans will also have the chance to purchase a special two disc set. Along with Crazy Love, fans will be able to purchase The Light Sides. The Light Sides will feature acoustic versions of Hawk Nelson’s previous hits.

2. Family Force 5

Since their last full length release in 2008, Family Force 5 has released a ton of new music. They released two albums in 2009, a Dance or Die remix album as well as a Christmas record. In 2010 they were featured on the Hot Topic expanded edition of the Almost Alice Soundtrack and they recorded a cover version of the song Bulletproof for Punk Goes Pop 3. But, now it is time for their third full length album. The band made an announcement that they were in the studio recording new songs in late 2010, but no other announcements have been made. No word yet on the release date, or the style of the new record. But, if it’s Family Force 5, you know this will easily be one of the top records of the year.

1. FM Static

Finally, at number one is FM Static. Since 2003 Trevor McNevan’s side project, FM Static, has delivered three albums filled with catchy pop punk music. Their previous album, Dear Diary, definitely featured a new side of the band in that they released a concept album about a boy telling his story through diary entries. No word yet on if their new album, planned to be released on April 5, 2011, will be a concept album or not. The band has released the track listing and the title track My Brain Says Stop, But My Hearts Says Go. You can check out My Brain Says Stop on their official facebook page.

Overall, here is my list of ten albums that I cannot wait to buy in 2011. Also, here are a few more bands to look out for. These groups will also be releasing new music in 2011.

Devil Wears Prada
I Am Empire
Icon For Hire


  1. I can't wait for Run Kid Run's. =)

  2. Thanks for reading! Me too, I think this album will be really really good, especially since Matt Thiessen and Aaron Gillespie will be working on it. Third albums are usually career defining for most bands, and I think this will be an important and amazing album from Run Kid Run.

  3. i love so much

  4. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

  5. Hey Marc Webb awesome review, looking forward to the album release. Im from Africa and I love Christian Rock. Im a DJ and have rock mixez check them out


    sample one here


  6. Thanks for reading and sharing with me! I am also a DJ, and a huge supporter of Christian rock. Glad to hear that I have a fellow supporter of Christian music in Africa! God Bless.

  7. Love Owl City... in fact will have to try and find out what's going on with their album because loved their first one!

  8. Thanks for reading! I love Owl City. I am a big fan of Adam Young's work. I thought his new album was very good. It came so close to making my Top Ten Albums of 2011.