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Sunday, September 19, 2010

God's Song

“God, you are amazing and perfect in all ways. I am ashamed for the times that I think I know better than you. Please forgive me of my pride and selfishness. Please lead me to find forgiveness from those I have hurt.”

This is a quote taken from a blog by the lead singer of As I Lay Dying, Tim Lambesis. I just wanted to start this blog with a prayer of humility. This post is once again all about bands becoming humble and offering themselves up to God to be used by Him. This post is all about the overt ministries of Christian rock bands.

The first band is Flyleaf. Lead singer Lacey Mosley believes she is a role model for girls. Lacey believes she can be an inspiration to many young women to stand up for their beliefs. The band’s mission is to please God. They don’t want to please the world or the church but to please Jesus Christ, so that when they get to heaven they can hear Jesus say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

The second band is The Almost. I have two videos to show you from band. The first is called True Christianity. This video features lead singer Aaron Gillespie speaking about the true meaning of Christianity. He believes the secret in reaching people for Christ is love.

The second video has Gillespie speaking about God’s song. He says this song of worship has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue until the end. Gillespie’s goal for The Almost is to be a part of that everlasting song, even if it is only a small blip on the radar.

The fourth video is of the band Spoken. This band has a passion for rock and roll and an even bigger passion for Jesus Christ. Spoken believes as long as Jesus wants to use them for rock and roll, they are willing and open to follow His call.

I wanted to do this post to show some opinions besides mine. Throughout this blog, I have been talking about Christianity and rock music, and how these subjects come together and co-exist. I wanted to present a post that went beyond my beliefs and show you what Christian musicians had to say about their own music and their beliefs in Jesus Christ.

I believe this final video sums up not only this post, but also my entire blog. This video features the lead singer of the hard rock band Disciple speaking to the crowd. This live video features Kevin Young speaking about a witnessing opportunity he had with a bouncer. Kevin Young used this story to help witness to the crowd and lead them in prayer.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Women In Christian Rock

This week I wanted to talk about a new trend that is developing in Christian rock music. This new trend is women. Yes, the role of women in the Christian rock scene is not only becoming more prevalent, but more and more popular. Today, some of the biggest Christian rock acts feature women as vocalists, bass players, guitarists, and drummers. For this post, I want to focus on some of the biggest and most popular Christian rock bands that feature female musicians.

Lacey Mosley - Flyleaf

The first group is Flyleaf. Since the release of their debut album in 2005, this group has grown exponentially in international stardom. Their first album has sold over one million records and their sophomore album, released in 2009, debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200. Lead singer, Lacey Mosley, has one of the strongest voices in Christian music today. Flyeaf’s lyrics are filled with passion and intensity, and Mosley, who is only 4’11”, easily delivers these feelings and emotions with her voice.

The song I chose to share with you is called Sorrow. This song is off Flyleaf’s self-titled debut album. Lacey Mosley said this about the meaning of the song. “On the secular side, there are people who deal with depression because they feel empty. On the Christian side, there are people who deal with depression because they feel alone with their Christianity or because they mess up. That’s the spirit we’re combating when we play it. The promise in the end is, 'Joy will come.' "

Tricia and Melissa Brock - Superchick

Superchick is a pop rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their debut album, Karaoke Superstars, was released in 2001. Since then, the band has released four more albums on Inpop and Columbia Records. To date, the band has sold over 700,000 records. Superchick is fronted by the Brock sisters. Tricia Brock is the lead vocalist, and Melissa Brock is the back up vocalist and guitarist. Superchick’s music is fueled by driving guitars, pounding drums, soaring vocals, and upbeat lyrics.

This next song is called Cross the Line. This anthem is all about standing up for your faith, crossing the line, and living like everyday is your last.

Sarah Anthony - The Letter Black

The Letter Black is a hard rock band from Pennsylvania. Before they were signed to Tooth and Nail Records, the band was known as Breaking the Silence. After years of touring as an independent band, they were soon noticed and signed by Tooth and Nail. The band then changed their name and released their debut full length album in May 2010. Over a short period of time, The Letter Black has gained notoriety through major tours with bands such as Decyfer Down, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, and Thousand Foot Krutch. Like Lacey Mosley, Sarah Anthony fuels the band’s music with passionate lyrics, piercing vocals, and even gut-wrenching screams.

This song is the first single released off their debut album. It is the title track called Hanging On By A Thread. This song is a cry out to God to save us from pain and suffering.

Dawn Michele and Wendy Drennen – Fireflight

Fourth is the Christian rock group Fireflight. This group has two female rockers: Dawn Michele as the lead vocalist and Wendy Drennen as the bass player. Throughout all three of their major label albums, Fireflight features music that pierces the heart through lyrics, musical ferocity, and the vocals of Dawn Michele.

This song is the title track off their second album entitled Unbreakable. This song is all about being unbreakable. By having Jesus Christ in our hearts, we as Christians, cannot be defeated or broken down.

Korey Cooper and Jen Ledger – Skillet

Skillet is a staple in the Christian music industry. They have been a band since 1996 and they have sold over 1.6 million records worldwide. Since the release of their third album, Invincible, Skillet has featured two female rockers. Korey Cooper plays guitar, keyboard, and sings some back-up vocals, and for seven years Lori Peters was the drummer. In 2008, after Peters decided to leave the band, Jen Ledger soon joined the group. Awake was the first album Ledger played drums and sang back-up vocals.

The video I want to share with you is called Awake and Alive. This song is off their latest album Awake. This video features both live shots and behind the scenes video from the band.

Females are becoming more and more prevalent in the Christian rock scene. In today’s music, women are joining men to create some amazing music. Women are slowly becoming a dominant force in Christian rock. If you want to see some more Christian female musicians, check out these bands: Ilia, Children 18:3, Inhabited, Group One Crew, Eisley, and Icon For Hire.