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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top Songs of the Year

This list includes my top 15 songs of 2010. This is part 1 which features songs 15 through 8.

15. Impossible – Anberlin

This song is the first single released off their latest album Dark is the Way, Light is a Place. Like most of the album, this song is all about relationships. According to lead singer Stephen Christian, this song is about the hardships in love. “Love is a friction, a chemistry. We need to fight it out in a good way, not with threats of leaving, but to, in love, find an understanding," said Christian. This video is the actual music video for the song. I absolutely love this video, the slow motion effects are insane.

14. For Those Who Wait – Fireflight

This is the title track from Fireflight’s latest album. This powerful song is all about someone who is going through a difficult time and wondering where God is in this situation. But, this song reminds us that God’s time is not our own, and His timing is perfect. Lead singer Dawn Michele describes the song as, “We say to God that we’ve been praying and waiting for Him to show us what comes next and it is excruciating. Somewhere along the way rocks get thrown in our path and I think God is using those things to push us along and teach us to have faith. God wants to mold us into who He wants us to become before we reach that final destination.” The official video for this song is really powerful, it might even make you cry.

13. Catch Myself Catching Myself – Underoath

This next song is a really dark but powerful song by Underoath. Spencer Chamberlain sings about being chased by addiction and temptation. These dark thoughts are haunting him, and he believes the only way to escape them is by destroying them through fire. This song is speaking about freeing yourself from temptation and addiction. The best part of this song is the vocals. After Aaron Gillespie’s exit from the band, Chamberlain picked up the clean vocals as well as continued doing the screaming vocals. His vocals on this song are absolutely superb. The video features the song along with lyrics through a video slideshow.

12. God Save the Foolish Kings – House of Heroes

This is another great song released by House of Heroes. Like so many other songs by them, this track takes a unique experience and ties their faith back into it. God Save the Foolish Kings is about a gang fight between two rival gangs: lions and kings. In this song, one member of a gang finds God through the experience. The official music video is a superb visual adaptation of the song. Also featured in the video is Stephanie Smith, who provides back up vocals in God Save the Foolish Kings.

11. Something Holy – Stellar Kart

Coming in at number 11 is a worship song by Stellar Kart. The album, Everything is Different Now, was a loose worship concept album. Something Holy is definitely the stand out track on record. This song speaks about how we as humans were born to be a part of something huge. We were meant to be a part of something holy. The video is a really cool homemade video featuring the lyrics of the song.

10. This Awakening – Sent By Ravens

This hard hitting song speaks about crying out to Jesus Christ. The band sings about falling desolate in a hopeless situation and falling into Jesus Christ’s water. Throughout the song, water is really a metaphor for Jesus’ love. Sent By Ravens wants to fall deeper into God’s water (love and grace). This is a really cool song off Sent By Ravens’ debut album.

9. Hanging On By a Thread – The Letter Black

This is the title track off their debut album. This song is very similar to This Awakening by Sent By Ravens. This song is another desperate cry out to God. This song is about Hanging on to God by only a thread. Yet, through this hopeless situation, The Letter Black still finds redemption and resolution through their perseverance in hard times. This is the official music video for the song.

8. You Will Remain – Philmont

After they were dropped from their label earlier this year, many people, including myself, thought this band was through with their career. I was especially disappointed because I loved their debut album. But, nonetheless, this band proved that they could still make great albums without a major label. In the fall of this year, they released an independent EP that was funded primarily through the donations of fans. You Will Remain was the first single released off the album, and I think it is the best song on the EP. This powerful song speaks about how no matter what we go through or the struggles we face, Jesus will always be there right beside us.

To see the top 7 songs of the year, You can go to part 2 here.

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