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Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Anticipated Albums for 2015

2014 has come and gone.  Now, it’s time to take a look at another year of music.  This post features my top anticipated projects for 2015.  First, I go through my top ten confirmed releases for next year.  I have also included various websites and links for those of you who are looking for more information.  Then, second, I also list some of the groups who are rumored to be releasing new music.

Confirmed Albums:

10.  Mat Kearney – Just Kids (February 24, 2015)

9.  Decyfer Down – TBA

8.  Falling Up – TBA

7.  Aaron Gillespie – Grace Through the Wandering (February 3, 2015) 

6.  Fireflight – INNOVA (May 5, 2015) 

5.  Pillar – One Love Revolution 

4.  House of Heroes – TBA 

3.  Haste the Day – TBA

2.  Red – Of Beauty and Rage (February 24, 2015) 

1.  Children 18:3 – TBA

For this second group of artists, none of them have confirmed upcoming albums or sent out any official press releases.  Instead, this list features various groups who have either been promising a new record for a while or they have issued a few, cryptic posts about the possibility of new music. 

9.  Since October

8.  Veridia 

6.  Emery 

5.  Ashes Remain 

4.  The Letter Black 

3.  Stellar Kart 

2.  Lacey Sturm 

1.  Write this Down

Overall, these two lists feature the main albums that I cannot wait to buy in 2015.  Right now, it is shaping up to be another great year in Christian rock.