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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top Anticipated Albums in 2014

2013 has come and gone.  Now, it’s time to take a look at another year of music. This list is my top ten anticipated projects for 2014.

10.  Seventh Day Slumber – We Are the Broken
Genre – Rock
Previous Releases – Love and Worship (2013), The Anthem of Angels (2011), Take Everything (2009), Finally Awake (2007), Once Upon A Shattered Life (2005)

Seventh Day Slumber is promising a return to their early rock roots.  As they have already stated, this new record will have elements of both Once Upon A Shattered Life and Finally Awake.  Yet, oddly enough, for reasons unknown, Seventh Day Slumber has decided to release their new album in two, separate parts.  For part 1, the group has already titled it, We Are the Broken.

9.  Emery – You Were Never Alone
Genre – Rock/Alternative
Previous Releases – We Do What We Want (2011), In Shallow Seas We Sail (2009), I’m Only A Man (2007), The Question (2005), The Weak’s End (2004)

After leaving Tooth and Nail Records in late 2013, the guys from Emery have been very busy.  Besides starting their online project called “Bad Christian,” Emery also promised that new music would be coming in 2014.  With no indication of the sound, style, or even the release date, fans have largely been given little to no information.  But, if the name Emery is going to be attached to it, then you can guarantee that this new album will be good.

8.  Ashes Remain – TBA
Genre – Rock
Previous Releases – What I’ve Become (2011)

So far, Ashes Remain has not given any concrete information as to whether or not they will be releasing a full length album in 2014.  Instead, through social media, they have simply acknowledged that they have begun the process of writing new music.  Throughout this year, I will have my fingers crossed for an announcement regarding their sophomore album.

7.  Manafest – TBA
Genre – Rap Rock
Previous Releases – Fighter (2012), The Chase (2010), Citizens Activ (2008), Glory (2006), Epiphany (2005)

I have always been intrigued by the music of Manafest.  I love how he finds unique ways to mix together hip hop and rock and roll.  Even today, he still serves as one of the few artists who has had continued success within the world of rap rock.

6.  Flyleaf – TBA
Genre – Rock
Previous Releases – New Horizons (2012), Memento Mori (2009), Flyleaf (2005)

With the addition of vocalist, Kristen May, this album will be a great measuring stick for the new sound of the group.  Only time will tell if May has the vocal chops to continue the legacy that was first started by former member, Lacey Sturm.

5.  Pillar – TBA
Genre – Hard Rock
Previous Releases – Confessions (2009), For the Love of the Game (2008), The Reckoning (2006), Where Do We Go From Here (2004), Fireproof (2002)

It’s been just under five years since their previous record.  Giving their fans a taste for the new music that was coming in 2014, Pillar graciously released their cover of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.”  After listening to their take on this Christmas classic, it’s clear that Pillar still has the talent to produce great hard rock.

4.  For Today – Fight the Silence (Feb. 4)
Genre – Hardcore/Metal
Previous Releases – Immortal (2012), Breaker (2010), Portraits (2009), Ekklesia (2008)

It will be challenging for them to top some of their past releases; but, if their latest song, “Fight the Silence,” is any indication of the direction for their new release, then For Today will easily be creating the metal album of the year.  Right now, it looks like 2014 is shaping up to be another great year for these outspoken metalheads.

3.  House of Heroes – TBA  
Genre – Rock
Previous Releases – Cold Hard Want (2012), Suburba (2010), The End is Not the End (2008), House of Heroes (2005)

This one is just a given.  Go and buy the new House of Heroes’ record when it comes out. You will be better for it.

2.  Family Force 5 – TBA  
Genre – Crunk Rock
Previous Releases – III (2011), Dance or Die (2008), Business Up Front, Party in the Back (2006) 

Without original member, Solomon Olds (Soul Glow Activatur), this will literally be the next generation of Family Force 5.  Promising to be their best music to date, Family Force 5 has large shoes to fill in their fourth studio album.

1.  Wolves at the Gate – TBA  
Genre – Post-Hardcore
Previous Releases – Captors (2012)

If you have read my blog extensively, then you probably know by now that I am a huge fan of this group.  I even gave their debut album 5 stars.  After exploding onto the scene two years ago, Wolves at the Gate is primed and ready to once again put their faith on full display, by crafting another set of memorable screamo tunes.

Overall, this is my list of ten albums that I cannot wait to buy in 2014.  Here are a few more bands to look out for.  These groups will also be releasing new music this year.

Nine Lashes
Rend Collective Experiment
Peter Furler Band
Demon Hunter
Children 18:3
Project 86  


  1. Thanks a lot! Opened my eyes to some more great and awesome Christian rock bands!

    1. Thank you for the support. I am glad that I was able to introduce you to some new Christian rock music. I hope you enjoy listening to them.

  2. Hey Marc, this is a pretty great list, and when the year began, I hardly knew any of these bands, but after listening to them, I know almost all of them, and I love them, especially Wolves at the Gate. In fact, that band is the one that's gotten me fully into metal. They are amazing!
    Emery is another really anticipated release for me, and I'm interested to see if they top In Shallow Seas....
    Flyleaf will be interesting with the new lead singer, and to be honest, I'm not really interested, but regardless, I'll give it a full listen when it's released.
    Anyway, I have to ask, since you're a huge Wolves fan, what did you think of their new album VxV? Personally, I think it's one of the best albums I've ever listened to, even surpassing Captors.
    Thanks Marc, and God Bless!

    1. As always, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I'm glad to hear about another Wolves at the Gate fan! I can't speak more highly of their music. Everything they do is high quality mixed with their unabashed faith. I'm glad that you have been able to listen to them, and that they have gotten you into metal.

      In Shallow Seas is probably my favorite Emery record, but The Question is a close second. As the year has gone on, sadly, it looks like their new album is probably going to be pushed back to next year.

      Yeah, with Flyleaf, I am not too excited about their new record. I wrote this blog before I had heard any upcoming music. Now, after listening to a few songs, I just can't get into them anymore. But, I will still give the new record a chance.

      Yes, in speaking about Wolves at the Gate, I loved their new record. When I write my Top Ten Albums of 2014 post, they will definitely be near the top. Right now, that has been my favorite record of the year. Personally, I don't think it has passed Captors, but I think they are both equally amazing.

      Keep rocking for Jesus!