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Monday, December 3, 2012

Top Christian Rock Songs of 2012

This is Part 1 of my top 20 songs of 2012.  This list features songs 20 through 11.

20.  Stay Close - Fireflight

“Stay Close” is by far the hardest song on Fireflight’s new album.  A musical stretch for the group, “Stay Close” highlights the drumming skills of Adam McMillion, while also showing off the full range of Dawn Michele’s vocals.  Here is the trippy music video for “Stay Close.”

19.  Murdered Love – P.O.D.

A rock and roll onslaught, “Murdered Love” is all about the crucifixion of Christ.  Being the title track off arguably their most controversial album to date, “Murdered Love” is full of spiritual imagery, screams and hard rock.  In P.O.D.’s words, the death of Christ was the day that they murdered love.  Below, is the official lyric video for the song.

18.  Draw the Line – Disciple

According to Kevin Young, Disciple’s latest album, O God Save Us All, is a musical story of someone coming to Christ.  “Before you’re a Christian, life feels a certain way.  Then you’re introduced to the gospel, receiving Him and walking with Him.  And then, life is over and you get to be with Him.  The album covers all of those bases.  It’s about the life of a Christian.”  Serving as the lead single, “Draw the Line” details the crucial moment in which a person gives up their life for Christ.  This is a fan made lyric video for the song.

17.  Anthem of the Lonely – Nine Lashes

After being signed to Tooth and Nail Records in 2011, Nine Lashes released their debut album earlier this year.  The lead single, “Anthem of the Lonely,” is a straightforward piece of modern rock that’s similar to Red and Three Days Grace.  For the official video, Nine Lashes developed a story about torture and to a point, perseverance.

16.  Losing – Tenth Avenue North

“Losing” is a powerful story of forgiveness.  In the chorus, lead vocalist, Mike Donehey, boldly sings, “Oh Father, won't You forgive them.  They don't know what they've been doing.  Oh Father, give me grace to forgive them, cause I feel like the one losing.”  Using a background choir, an abrupt key change and some very challenging lyrics on forgiveness, “Losing” is one of the best songs of Tenth Avenue North’s career.

15.  Pushover – Manafest

“Pushover” is a prime example of Manafest’s growing vocal talent and song writing abilities.  Featuring crunchy guitars and hip hop beats, “Pushover” is a great, rap rock anthem.  The official video combines the two passions of Manafest:  music and skateboards.

14.  The Lesser Worth – The Wedding

“The Lesser Worth” includes my favorite musical intro of the year.  To begin the song, The Wedding features a young child saying, “Let me see a circle pit.”  By far the hardest song on their new record, “The Lesser Worth” feels like one big jam session with screams and riff driven rock.  Interestingly enough, The Wedding even collaborated on this song with Story of the Year’s frontman, Dan Marsala.  Here is the lyric video for “The Lesser Worth.”

13.  Redeemer – War of Ages

For going on 10 years now, War of Ages has been offering listeners album after album of catchy metalcore.  With a sound similar to As I Lay Dying and The Great Commission, “Redeemer” is chalked full of chugging guitars, guttural growls and clean vocal choruses.

12.  We’re All Liars – Sent By Ravens

Coming in at number 12 is “We’re All Liars” by Sent By Ravens.  Drawing inspiration from hate groups such as Westboro Baptist Church, “We’re All Liars” is a scathing depiction of people who deny others the gift of grace.  Adding to the song’s already intense and heartfelt message, the official video is a creepy portrayal of nightmares and dreams.

11.  Crash and Burn – Write This Down

For “Crash and Burn,” Write This Down sings about the difficulties and struggles of being a full time band.  With a gritty, hardcore sound, “Crash and Burn” is ultimately an anthem about never giving up on your dreams.  Despite living off their parents and facing numerous setbacks, the members of Write This Down are still passionate about making music.  This is the official video for the song.

To see the top ten songs of the year, you can go to Part 2 here.


  1. i just wanted to say thank you for this! i cannot thank you enough! i love music and when i found out that EVERY artist that i love is in illuminati i was sad and disappointed. my favorite bend is in illuminati, so i had to choos, God or my bend. i choose God. i was just afraid that every song is bed and wrong but then i found this blog! :D you made me happy again. i just hope that that this artist are not in illuminati. so THANK YOU VERY MUCH. God bless you.

    1. You are very welcome! Thanks for commenting! I am a huge fan of music too. Don't worry, there is nothing about the illuminati with these bands. They are all professing Christian musicians. Thanks again for reading! God bless.

  2. We have to admit that with the several factors in our current environment, the religious belief of people especially the younger generations is not as strong and pure as before. Thus, I find rock singers or other musicians of other genres who sing about their belief in Christ very interesting. Thank you for sharing this list of yours. I definitely have some song searching to do!

    1. You are definitely right. Our current environments and cultures are definitely changing. I believe, it is such a great testimony to see musicians and other believers who are passionate about their faith, and sharing the hope of Christ. Thank you for reading and commenting! I hope you are successful in your song search! God Bless.

  3. Oh my gosh thank you! I go to church camp every summer and they play a few of these christian rock songs and can't find them anywhere. Whenever I try to find more, they normally are never real christian songs, so thank you. This is very helpful :)

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for the support. I am glad that I could be of some help, and hopefully you found quite a few Christian rock bands that you like!