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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love Songs

The art of creating a love song has always played a special part in music.  Over the years, music has served an important role in communicating and sharing love.  In Christian rock, the theme of love carries a couple of different meanings.  Some songs are very romantic, while others are simply fun, sing along summer tunes.  Still, others sing about a heavenly love with our Savior.  With each song and subject in mind, Christian artists regularly sing about different forms of love.  For this post, I mainly want to focus on one type of love song. Here are five, romantic love songs from some of your favorite Christian rock musicians.

The first song is “Deer in the Headlights” by Owl City.  With the inclusion of many tongue in cheek lyrics, Adam Young sings about finding love at first sight.  According to Young, randomly talking to girls could land you with a black eye, bloody nose or even some pepper spray to the face.  The video includes Young riding in a DeLorean, his encounter with Lights and a nod to his video for “Alligator Sky.”  All in all, this is another fun tune from Owl City that will give a few laughs alongside love at first sight.

Next, is “MySpace Girl” by The Afters.  Off their album Never Going Back to Okay, this is a much different style of song than their usual hits.  A little creepy and a little funny at the same time, The Afters sing about having a crush on a girl who works at a fast food restaurant.  This crush eventually leads to stalking on MySpace, which finally turns into a relationship.  The best part of this song is that it’s a true story.  According to lead singer Joshua Havens, “MySpace Girl” is a true tale of how their bass player met his wife.

Third, is the song “A Day Late.”  Early in their career, Anberlin dabbled in punk rock, and this has to be one of their poppiest songs they’ve recorded.  In “A Day Late,” the theme of love is a little different than most songs, in that, Stephen Christian sings about falling in love with someone after their relationship had ended.  The music video features some really cool shots with a simple, but interesting concept.

The fourth song is by Run Kid Run.  “One in a Million” features a straightforward message of true love.  The group sings about finding love with a one in a million girl.  Another pop hit, a young man uses the help of a marching band and a generous old man to find true love in this video.

The final song is “Definitely Maybe” by FM Static.  One of the more well-known Christian rock love songs of the past decade, this hook driven melody will get stuck in your head.  Off the debut album from the side project of Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine, “Definitely Maybe” sings about falling in love.  The only problem is the woman of your dreams is dating someone else.  Throughout the song, McNevan attempts to point the girl in a different direction than her jerk boyfriend.  “Definitely Maybe” has high school love written all over it, but the addicting qualities make it one great hit.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at some popular love songs in Christian music today.  If you are a fan of these love songs, here are a few more Christian rock hits to check out.

“Treasure” – Flyleaf
“How in the World” – Family Force 5
“Here With Me” – Eleventyseven
“Moment of Truth” – FM Static
“If You Love Someone” – Dizmas
“Wind in My Sails” – Spoken
“The Best Thing” – Relient K
“A Summer’s Song” – Wavorly
“Revelation” – The Wedding
“Say Goodbye” – Skillet
“Souls on Ten” – The Almost


  1. If you are a christian rock fan then you need to check out the new Tenth Avenue North video for "Losing".


  2. Thanks for sharing with me! I am a big fan of Tenth Avenue North. I love their new album The Struggle. Each year, I do a list of my Top 20 songs of the year. Losing will definitely be on my list for 2012. Great song!