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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Anticipated Albums in 2012

2011 is over and it’s time to take a look at another year of music. This list is my top ten anticipated projects for 2012.

 10. Nine Lashes

Nine Lashes is poised to release World We View on February 14. Discovered by Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, the group’s debut album on Tooth and Nail Records will feature a modern rock sound reminiscent of 12 Stones and Decyfer Down. The band’s first single, “Anthem of the Lonely,” has already been very successful on Christian rock radio, including a peak at number one on a couple of different charts. With guest vocals from Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, this album will be a must have for any hard rock fan.

9.  The Letter Black

I was a big fan of The Letter Black’s debut album.  I loved the dual vocals between Sarah and Mark Anthony, and “Believe” is still one of my all time favorite songs.  Two years after the release of their debut, The Letter Black is gearing up for their sophomore record.  According to Sarah Anthony, this record will be heavier than their first.  “We are going to still have some songs like “Hanging On By a Thread,” that everybody loves.  But, we are going a little bit heavier like “Wounded,” with a little bit more screaming here and there.”

8.  Demon Hunter

Not only will Demon Hunter be releasing a new album in 2012, but this year also serves as the tenth anniversary of the band.  It has been ten years since the release of their debut self titled record.  Even though Demon Hunter has seen a couple of member changes over the last couple of years, it’s still safe to predict nothing short of greatness from this metal juggernaut.  While you are waiting for some new metal music, you can check out Demon Hunter’s latest video for “LifeWar.”  It will blow your mind.  

7.  Children 18:3

Coming in at number seven is the punk rock siblings from Minnesota.  With two great punk albums under their belt, Children 18:3 is returning for arguably their most important record to date.  They are easily one of the best bands on Tooth and Nail Records, and their first two albums will be tough to top.  Little to no information has been released about the new album, but you can check out some studio updates from the band on YouTube.

6.  Worth Dying For

One year after the release of their album, Love Riot, Worth Dying For is returning with a brand new live album.  Featuring ten new tracks and some fan favorites off their previous record, Worth Dying For will be bringing back their usual rock worship style.  So far, Worth Dying For has released two songs.  The group released a music video of “The World Can’t Take It Away,” and they released a live version of “Savior” on Itunes.  With a live sound and a couple of new vocalists, this worship record will definitely be one to pick up.

5.  House of Heroes

I truly believe that House of Heroes is the most underrated band in Christian rock music today.  Each new album and each new concept idea brings another fresh take to this alternative rock group.  Their self titled album was almost flawless, The End is Not the End blew me away, and Suburba was another rocking album.  For House of Heroes’ next record, lead vocalist Tim Skipper has already announced that they have 21 completed songs.  Obviously, not all of these songs will make it on the next record, but if House of Heroes has that many songs to choose from, this could be another flawless album.

4.  David Crowder Band

This new album will definitely be a bittersweet moment for the Christian music community.  Give Us Rest or (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]) will be their final album as a band. After numerous records and addictive worship hits like: “Foreverandever Etc…,” “Come Awake,” “Open Skies,” “No One Like You” and “SMS (Shine),” I will be sad to see this band leave.  With an astonishing 34 songs on their final album, the David Crowder Band will be leaving the music industry not with a whimper, but with a bang.

 3.  Flyleaf

With heavy hitting rock anthems, meaningful lyrics and an occasional scream by Lacey Mosley, this group knows how to make great music.  If you haven’t heard either of their first two albums, you should drop everything and go listen to them right now.  They are that talented.  So far, their new album has been almost shrouded in secrecy.  Flyleaf has entered the studio to work on some new tunes, but no word yet on when new music will be released.

2.  Thousand Foot Krutch

Late in 2011, Thousand Foot Krutch decided to leave Tooth and Nail Records and pave the way as an independent band.  Trusting in their very loyal fans, TFK launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with production costs.  Within a day, the band raised its goal of 40,000 dollars, and to date the group has raised over 100,000 dollars.  As a thank you to fans, Thousand Foot Krutch released a brand new song from their new record entitled “War of Change.”  Stylistically, this song brings back some old school Thousand Foot Krutch with a mixture of hard rock and even a little rap.  After hearing the first song off The End is Where We Begin, this record will be a definite competitor for album of the year.

1.  Skillet

My number one pick is Skillet.  A lot has happened since the release of their latest album, Awake, in 2009.  The group had an explosion of popularity and had to replace long time guitarist Ben Kasica.  Even though it is still way too early to know anything about their new record, many questions still arise.  Is Skillet going to change up their sound like previous records, or are they going to stick to their latest hard rock formula that has gained them so much popularity?  Also, will new guitarist Seth Morrison make an impact on the style or sound of the group?  Finally, what can fans expect from the vocals?  Will Jen Ledger or Korey Cooper add some extra vocals to the new album?  Since it is still early, we will have to wait for these questions to be answered.  But, panheads can rejoice because 2012 marks another Skillet album release.

Overall, here is my list of ten albums that I cannot wait to buy in 2012. Here are a few more bands to look out for. These groups will also be releasing new music in 2012.

The Almost
Write this Down
Stellar Kart
Sent By Ravens


  1. Great albums! 2012 is going to be a great year as far as new albums! I am also excited for new albums by 12 Stones and KJ-52. But I would say I'm most excited for TFK's!!!

  2. 2012 is definitely going to be a great year for Christian music. I have heard a couple of songs from the new TFK record. This very well could be their best album in their career.


  4. Thanks for reading! Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch are two great bands.

  5. cannot over look The Wedding !!!! Pretty legit rock band!!

  6. Thanks for the comment! I love The Wedding. I was super excited when they signed on at Tooth and Nail Records. Their newest album could make my list of the Top Ten Albums of 2012!

  7. Great list:) I've definitely gotta check these out..have you listened to the new Third Day album? I'm addicted to the video for 'I need A Miracle."

    You can watch it here: www.thirdday.com

  8. Thank you for commenting! I love Third Day. They never fail to release great music.