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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top Christian Rock Songs of 2011 Part 2

This is Part 2 of my top 20 songs of the year. If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here.

10. Get Well – Icon For Hire

Brutally honest, “Get Well” is a bold statement about not settling for the lies and hurt of this world. Add in some electronic melodies and an addicting rock sound, and Icon For Hire has created a real, headbanging hit. I love the official music video for “Get Well.” The group uses a very simple story, but it fits the song perfectly.

9. Brain Damage – I Am Empire

I Am Empire’s debut centers around lead singer Austin Lyons’ father, who abandoned him when he was young. “Brain Damage” proudly proclaims that the sons and daughters of broken homes are light in this world. The official music video definitely highlights Lyons’ eccentric and unique vocal style.

8. One Shot – Hawk Nelson

For Hawk Nelson’s latest album, the band decided to return to their original pop-punk roots. Probably the catchiest song on the record, “One Shot” is a great reminder that our time on earth is brief; we only have one shot at life. Here is a lyric video for the song.

7. Alive In You – 7eventh Time Down

“Alive In You” probably has my favorite lyric of the year. In the song, the members of 7eventh Time Down proudly call themselves Jesus freaks. According to lead singer Mikey Howard, “Alive in You” is an overt declaration about the power of Christ in the lives of the band. “It is kind of a culmination of what God has been doing inside the four of us over the past eight years touring. It is our declaration and soapbox of this is exactly why we are doing what we are doing. It is because of Jesus.” Take a look at the official music video.

6. Oh the Depths - Wolves at the Gate

The post-hardcore group, Wolves at the Gate, recently released their debut EP on Solid State Records. The closer on the EP, “Oh the Depths,” is a powerful form of screamo worship. Throughout the five minute song, the energy and passion from the band keeps building until they reach a powerful climax. This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. Wolves at the Gate are literally screaming for Jesus.

5. Black Tattoo – FM Static

“Black Tattoo” is about a girl struggling in an abusive relationship. Trevor McNevan sings about her wrestling with fear and guilt as she attempts to escape the abuse. Beyond that, I also think this song has a great message for everyone to never be ashamed. Just like wearing a solid black tattoo, FM Static encourages listeners to be bold about their faith and beliefs. Here is a lyric video for “Black Tattoo.”

4. Make A Move – Icon For Hire

Featuring aggressive vocals alongside a mixture of breakdowns and hard rock beats, “Make A Move” is another great song from Icon For Hire. A powerful, rallying cry, this song urges the listener to make a move and stand up for their beliefs. This is the official music video for the song.

3. Take It Out On Me – Thousand Foot Krutch

Coming in at number three is one of my all time favorite Thousand Foot Krutch songs. “Take It Out On Me” speaks about letting go of bottled up emotions. According to Trevor McNevan, this song is told from someone else’s perspective. “‘Take It Out On Me’ is a song I wrote from a perspective of talking to someone that I love, whether it is your best friend, your wife or someone in your family. Whether it is from the way we grew up or from stuff we have been through in our life, some of us carry a lot of baggage. Anger, pain and a lot of these emotions we keep them bottled up sometimes, instead of dealing with it in a healthier way basically.” This is another hit song from Thousand Foot Krutch.

2. Reach – Peter Furler

Earlier this year, I was really excited to learn that Peter Furler was returning to the music industry. His first single off the album, “Reach,” is pop worship at its finest. Furler sings about the amazing love of Jesus Christ, and how he is constantly reaching out to us. With back up vocals from former Newsboys vocalist and bassist, Phil Joel, Furler has created a close to perfect song. Below is the official music video for “Reach.”

1. Savior – Worth Dying For

My number one song of the year is from the rock worship group Worth Dying For. “Savior” is a great example of edgy worship. With metal screams, dual vocals and hard rock beats, Worth Dying For has created an intense, honest worship anthem. I wish I had a better video for my number one song. This simple video does not do my number one pick of the year justice.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at my top 20 songs of 2011.


  1. I seriously love all of those songs! Just discovered 7eventh Time Down a couple months ago and they are Awesome!!!

  2. Thanks for reading! I appreciate it. I was a big fan of 7eventh Time Down's debut album. If you like their music, you might enjoy my interview that I had with them a couple months ago. Thanks again!


  3. Thank u for telling about these songs!! I am a huge fan of Switchfoot and wud like you to explore more of their albums cos almost all of their songs r great!! Thnk u and keep up the gud work!!
    P.S. Through you i listened to Believe by TLB and Eternity by Disciple and they were amazing!!
    Wud u PLEASE tell me d names of some songs which would really BOOST me up for my exams?? Thank u!

  4. Thank you for the kind words. I like Switchfoot too. They are good stuff. They didn't release any major new music this year, so that's why they didn't make my list. I am glad that you loved Believe and Eternity! Those are two great songs.

    Here are a few songs to check out. Good luck on your exams!

    1. A Greater Foundation - As I Lay Dying
    2. Underdog - Audio Adrenaline
    3. Letters to the President - Hawk Nelson
    4. Valleys - Close Your Eyes
    5. Rebound - The Wedding
    6. Game On - Disciple
    7. Cray Button - Family Force 5
    8. Awake and Alive - Skillet