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Saturday, October 9, 2010


For this post, I want to share with you four different testimonies from people involved in Christian rock.

First, is Toby McKeehan. He is known for his stage name TobyMac. Mckeehan was in the popular Christian group DC Talk for 11 years from 1989 to 2000. After the group announced a hiatus, TobyMac began his solo career. Since 2000, Toby has released 4 albums. Between his solo career and DC Talk, Toby McKeehan has sold over 10 million records.

When Toby was 12, his mom faithfully brought him to church every Sunday morning. One Sunday was especially important because the youth pastor invited McKeehan to a church camp. While at the camp, Toby accepted Jesus Christ.

Second is Jeffrey Gilbert. Gilbert is the current drummer for the Christian hard rock band Kutless, and he is the former drummer of Seven Places. Gilbert was raised in a Christian home. His parents came to know Christ shortly before he was born. Gilbert is very thankful for his parents’ testimony and raising him in a loving, Christian home.

Next is Jeremy Camp. Camp fell in love with a young woman named Melissa Henning. Soon after Camp discovered his newfound love, Melissa was diagnosed with cancer. After temporarily beating her battle with the disease, the couple got married. While on their honeymoon, the newly weds learned that the cancer had returned and she only had weeks to live. After five months of marriage, Melissa Henning lost her battle with cancer. Through these tough times, Camp learned about the true meaning of worship.

This next video also features Jeremy Camp speaking to a crowd. This video is about his life after Melissa and her battle with cancer. He remarried with the former lead singer of the group the Benjamin Gate, Adrienne Liesching. Camp has also been blessed with two daughters. In this video, Camp looks back at his experiences.

This final video features lead singer Peter Furler speaking to a stadium full of people. Furler shares his powerful testimony and leads an altar call for people to accept Jesus Christ.

Once again, I hope you have enjoyed these powerful and moving testimonies.

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