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Friday, May 28, 2010

Issue-Based Lyrics Part 2

This is Part 2 of my blog posts about Issue-Based Lyrics. In part 1, I go into detail talking about lyrics and why bands choose to sing about everyday issues occurring in teenagers’ lives today. To see part 1, click here.

In this part, I am mainly going to give you more examples. Since, there are so many examples of great songs by Christian rock bands, I couldn’t squeeze all the songs into one post. The examples, in my second post, are going to be about different subject matter than my first post. My first post was about issues in kids’ lives today such as cutting, divorce, and suicide. Instead of focusing on these subjects again, the following songs strictly deal with love, peace, and faith in God.

This first song is by the hard rock band, Disciple. The song, After the World, is a ballad spoken from God’s perspective. This song describes how much God truly loves us. According to Kevin Young, lead singer of the band, this song is about people searching for something to fill a void in their lives, and finally realizing God can fill that void. “It’s basically a song where God’s saying, ‘Hey, that thing that you’re looking for, that purpose, that happiness, it’s me. I’m it,” said Young in an interview. This is the official video made for the song, After the World.

The second song is called Smiling Down. Pillar recorded this ballad in order to give people hope after the death of a loved one. This song was inspired by two events that happened in peoples’ lives who were close to lead singer Rob Beckley. In an interview, Rob Beckley goes into great detail about the song, so if you want to read the full interview, click here. But I will give you a quick recap. Part of the inspiration came from a family who’s 18 month-old son drowned in a pool at a church gathering. The second inspiration came from Rob’s cousin who passed away from cancer. This song is all about giving hope and peace to family members who have lost someone near to them. Smiling Down serves as an anthem to tell people everything is going to be okay.

This next song is Believe by the Letter Black. This song is all about standing up for your faith. The Letter Black boldly declares to have faith, belief in the unknown, and they are putting faith in God alone. This is an awesome hard rock band who firmly declares they are Christians, and they put their faith in Jesus Christ. This is the official music video for the song.

The fourth song is by Decyfer Down. The Best I Can serves to inspire listeners’ to never give up. We are all humans. Therefore, we all mess up and fail. But, we shouldn’t get down. Even though we mess up, God still loves and cares for us. God’s love is never ending no matter how many times we fail. This song talks about picking yourself back up after you fail, and continuing to try the best you can. In this video, Decyfer Down is performing an acoustic version of the song.

The final song is by a new band called Sent By Ravens. The song, Salt and Light, appeared on their debut album, Our Graceful Words. Salt and Light is a song all about love. This song talks about how God’s love is all we need. When we were born, we came into this life with nothing. But when we die, and go to heaven, we will leave with a lifetime of God’s love, and we will be entering heaven where his love is eternal.

I hope you have enjoyed my 2 blog posts about issue-based lyrics. Christian rock bands choose to sing about numerous issues in teenagers’ lives today, and they want to offer up hope to kids. Christian rock bands want to impact the younger generation through their music and serve as inspiration, hope, and the light of Christ to the kids they meet.

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